Book This TripCho Oyu Expedition (8,201m)

Duration: 39 Days
Trip Grade: Advanced
Best Season: April - May, Sep - Oct

Cho Oyu is the sixth highest peak in the world (8,201m) and it is located on the Tibet-Nepal border. It was first summited in 1954 by an Australian and Tibetan Expedition. Cho Oyu is technically easier than most other eight thousand meter peaks. We will climb Cho Oyu via the West Face. Advanced Base Camp will be established at 5,800m, Camp 1 at 6,500m, Camp 2 at 7,100m and Camp 3 at 7,400m.


Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu. Climb High representatives will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel. Sightseeing of Kathmandu (optional).

Day 02: Preparation day in Kathmandu.

Day 03: We drive to Zhangmu (Tibet border town). Go through the Chinese immigration and then drive to Nyalam.

Day 04: Rest day at Nyalam for acclimatization.

Day 05: Drive to New Tingri.

Day 06: Rest day at New Tingri for acclimatization.

Day 07-10: Cho Oyu Base Camp. We drive to Cho Oyu Base Camp. Next morning we will climb some hills around the Base Camp. From Base Camp, we leave on our two days trek to Advance Base Camp (ABC). We will cross the Ra Chhu River and set up Intermediate Camp. Next morning we trek to ABC which is next to the Nangpa La at 5,800m.

Day 11-35: The strategy of our expedition is to set up two more camps at 6,500m and 7,100m while we acclimatize for our summit attempt. After spending a night at 7,100m, we will descend to ABC. At ABC we will rest for approximately 5 days depending on the weather. From ABC we will start our summit push and climb to Camp 1, Camp 2 and then establish Camp 3 at 7,400m. From Camp 3 we will make our final push to the summit. On the summit day we start at 1:00 a.m. We should be able to step on the summit between 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. We will return down to Camp 3 or Camp 2 for the night. Next day we will descend to ABC.

Day 36: Final packing at ABC.

Day 37: Walk to the Chinese Base Camp.

Day 38: Drive to Nyalam/Zhangmu.

Day 39: After going through the Chinese immigration, we drive to Kathmandu. Overnight in a hotel.

Mountain Safety:
Mountain safety is our top priority at climb High. We will maintain a continual communication with base camp through radios. Climb High will also provide you with Gamo bag (Portable Altitude Chamber bag) and oxygen in case of any emergency (for medical purpose only). Our Cho Oyu Expedition is supported by strong and experienced Sherpa's who have been on Cho Oyu several times. Our Experienced guide and Sherpa's will stock camps, fix ropes and provide support for the climb. This enables you to carry lighter weight and save your strength when you go for the summit bid. Climb High's support, equipment and services are high quality in order to give you an outstanding chance to summit.

Our Objectives:
Our main objective is to help you summit Cho Oyu safely and at the same time enjoy it also. In order to achieve our goal, we will ensure that you are properly prepared for the summit bid. On your request Climb High also runs a variety of mountaineering courses as a Cho Oyu training program.

It is also important to acclimatize properly to avoid altitude problems and to keep yourself healthy and fit. Climb High will make sure that you are properly acclimatized before you reach the base camp. We will start our acclimatization process to our highest acclimatization camp which is Camp 3 at 7,400m and from here we will make our attempt to summit Cho Oyu.

Our food for the mountain is well prepared by our specially trained cooks in order to give you the best balanced diet of fruit, green vegetables and lot's of carbohydrates and proteins. Our cooks have undergone cooking trainings and can prepare you any food even at such high altitudes. We also make sure that they are prepared hygienically as we don't want any one of our clients to feel sick. In addition there will be plenty of hot drinks, soups, tea and biscuits to eat.

How do i book my climb:
Please send us your climbing resume either through regular mail or email alongwith a US$ 1,000 as a deposit. Our Postal address is: Acclimatize Nepal, P.O. Box 20589, Kathmandu, Nepal.

We run two types of expeditions:
1. Full services
2. Basic climbing services up to Base camp and advance base camp.
For cost contact us.

Additional service if required:

  1. Extra climbing Sherpa: US $ 3000.
  2. POISK 4 liter Oxygen: US $ 450.
  3. Mask set: US $ 360 (purchase); US $ 150 (hire).
  4. Personal satellite phone: US $ 700 (royalty only).
  5. Lhasa extension: US $ 800 per person (including air fare).