Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a land of unparalleled variety. Concentrated into this tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal are eight of the world's highest mountains. The northern strip is the Himalaya, the "abode of snows" which extends from Assam in Eastern India to west of Afghanistan and is the chain of youngest and highest range of mountains on earth. It encompasses a region of deep religious and cultural tradition. Trekking is the only way to reach to the heart of Nepal which has captured the imagination of mountaineers and explorers over a 100 years. Trekking through this diverse and ancient landscape offers untold challenges for everyone, from the hard core hiker to the contemplative naturalist or the spiritual seeker.

Walking in Nepal means a walking trip following trails, many of which have been used for communication and trade for many years. Trekking in Nepal is a wonderful cultural experience and rewarding mountain holiday. The best time to trek in Nepal is from October to May.

There are two approaches to trekking in Nepal. The tea house trek and organized trek. In a tea house trek, trekkers stay and trek from lodge to lodge. You are dependent on facilities in villages or heavily trekked area and therefore you must trekked in inhabited areas and on some common routes. The other approach is to go on an organized trip. Porters and guides are hired to bring along tents, cooking equipment and food. You can explore more remote areas and different cultures and different ethnic groups of Nepal.