Trekking in Tibet

Tibet, the roof of the world provides some of the best trail for trekking. Tibet, the largest and the highest plateau on the earth, is surrounded by the most jumble of mountains found on any continent. The remoteness of the trekking places combined with its extreme climate and high altitude poses a special challenge to adventurers. Trekking in Tibet requires proper preparation due to its high elevation, high passes and outside help is sometimes difficult to reach even on the popular trek.

General Information
Documents: Individuals are not permitted to trek in Tibet, everyone must join an organized group arranged through Travel Company. Upon joining our trip we will sort out all the necessary documents required for the trek.

Physical Conditioning
Start your physical fitness program several months before you arrive in Tibet. Running, hiking, swimming and bicycling are the best way to get your legs and lungs in shape.

Tibet has a very extreme climate and so trekkers/ travelers need to be well prepared for this. Generally the best time in Tibet is from May through October.

what you need to take: We will send you the complete equipment list according to your trek.

Responsible Trekking
The Sierra club adage "Take only pictures, leave only foot prints" is an appropriate philosophy for preserving Tibet's wilderness. It is one of the great unspoiled wilderness left on earth and so it is our both right and duty to protect and respect the unique ecology and beauty of this fragile region.

General ideas about Tibet
Before you arrive in Tibet, it is always a good idea to have some knoweldge about Tibet as this will make your trip easier and smoother. You can also try to learn some Tibetan words or phrases which can be of some help.

You can visit your local library or you can buy one of the travel guide book listed below:

  1. Lonely planet Tibet.
  2. Trekking in Tibet by Gary McCue.

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